love is a battlefield
A stupid TV show about show choir ruined my life. Kurt Hummel is my prince. Klaine are perfectly imperfect and there is nothing better than Crisscolfer's chemistry. I also like that show about hunters and angels, that show about a group of friends hanging out in a bar (or was it a coffee shop?) and that show about a handsome FBI consultant who wears suits, hats and an ankle bracelet. I also like sloths. The last one wasn't a reference to anything. I just really, really like sloths.

Do you remember what you wished for every Christmas
Do you say a prayer and send it on our star
Or maybe I’m just being over sentimental
But now it’s Christmas and I miss us most of all.

So let the snow come down and drown out all my sorrows
And maybe I can dance again with you 
And as the children sing I swear I heard you whisper
It’s Christmas when I miss us most of all.

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